Re: Using radino from ubitx on bitx 40?

ajparent1/KB1GMX <kb1gmx@...>

Tech Guy,
>>>>Has anyone used a ubitx radino with a bitx 40? I ordered a bitx 40 before it came with a dds. Changing the IF setup in software? <<<<

I'm using mine for something different that Bitx40 though same idea, an Atlas210.

You have to alter the code, I'm sure you know that.

If you make OSC-0 and OSC1 both zero (0L) that shuts them off as you
only need osc 3 to replace the VFO unless you replacing the crystal osc
and really why do that if it works.

The code has OSC2 as the tunable osc so change the 45mhz offset to match the
IF your using.   So its likely to tune around 5mhz (for the VFO version). IF you go 
IF+VFO then you at 17mhz and likely reverse sideband (handy if you want that ability).

Handling of CW and cal functions are kinda spacey as it was all assuming dual
conversion.   It this point I'd suggest seeing if there is a raduino code base
for Bix40 as the assumptions are closer to the needs and less effort.

IF done right you can do things with the raduino that were difficult with the VFO.
Things like split, RIT, A&B vfo, Reverse sideband (normal is lower) are some
of the tricks that can be added over an analog VFO.


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