Re: Highest quality uBitx Case ever!

Vince Vielhaber

On 09/02/2018 02:13 AM, jim via Groups.Io wrote:

On Saturday, September 1, 2018, 9:50:34 PM PDT, Dexter N Muir
<dexy@...> wrote:

jim, your submissions here have no text, only a small graphic of what
looks like a LSB filter passband. Is that your 'Like' emoji?

Let me try above the silly line anyway what I wrote was " sometimes you
just have to go with what works ...
If it's any consolation, Jim, I saw your text in the post Dex is referring to. I guess he doesn't realize that you don't post at the top of the message, rather the bottom, old school style.

Vince - K8ZW.
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