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I suppose that does depend on a person’s skill at executing the myriad of expert opinions opined on this group.  I myself do this for a living so I’ve redesigned the entire radio.  That’s one end of the spectrum.  However there is the other end of the spectrum… the guy who may have just received his license and bought a uBITx thinking it was a nice cheap way to enter the world of HF that now has to deal with this (like some friends of mine).  They can either rely on the experts (self-proclaimed or otherwise) to bail them out of this mess or be given a very simple solution that is possible for them to execute.  “Hellish crude” in your own words for you… the only option for someone else.



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All understood but it hellish crude for a radio which allegedly has push button RF operation selection.


Well it had it ....


Just too many design compromises made. If they had gone for 80 40/30 20 and Ten  mtrs   with four filters and a diode OR ..(given the limits ofthe Arduino ) all standard stuff ...the whole thing would never have happened. 


so it goes.

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Re: [BITX20] VK4PP uBitx LPF BANK add-on Board

I just soldered female BCN connectors to the 4-pin DuPont connectors and plugged the DuPont connectors onto the filter(s).  I then use a double barrel male to connect the filter to the back of the radio.  It’s very simple.  I’m not currently at home or I could post a picture but I think you get the idea.  I suppose you could put this onto a small proto-board easily…or even use Kees board if you wanted to do something more official.  This approach takes this whole spur removal well within the capabilities of even the person that barely knows which end of the soldering iron to hold.



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Mad Radio Modder;
I'm interested in how you put the qrp labs filter board into the ubitx. I built one and have not put it in yet. Looking for good ideas. 
Thanks, Mark N7HWR





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