Re: Highest quality uBitx Case ever!

Adam Goler

Charles, yes the RF shielding isn’t the greatest; I had considered using some aluminum tape, but then figured it’s made of cardboard. 

Really this is just a temporary box while I build something out of aluminum or print PLA. 

The chassis shares the same ground as the rest of the circuit. It seems many have used plastic cases with no issue. 

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What about RF Shielding and Grounding?  Is that not an issue?

All the best to you

Charles T Dennis 

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Looks quite serviceable!  At a slight increase in cost and pollution, I’m going for early American Home Depot plywood.  


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no plastics, No pollution
looks interesting..

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when in doubt, make it out of cardboard. 


sometimes ya just gotta go with what works for you

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