Re: uBitx Unfiltered

ajparent1/KB1GMX <kb1gmx@...>


Use them in good health.  Note 3904s have gain of maybe 3 at 82.2 so you have
to rebuild the 45mhz amp completely.  Also layout at 82mhz is getting fussier than
at 45mhz.

Changing the filter will not cure the output from the power amp getting into the
wide open 45/82.2mhz amp and contributing spurs though I may move them

Also the HFO (osc-3) has to go from 85mhz to 115 mhz and that meas you
exceed the SI5351 code by 6mhz.

// the output msynth dividers are used to generate 3 independent clocks
// with 1hz resolution to any frequency between 4khz and 109mhz.

They are most like 15khz wide but could be much wider for data use.

I can't use them as I said experiments and mods have reduced mine to a
collection of junk.    

One magik pill.


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