Re: uBitx Unfiltered

Brent Seres/ VE3CUS

Yes, a great education for the money. I am considering Hans' low past filters and matching relay board as I have plenty of room in my box. I have no problem with a simple rotary switch to select, and I'm looking for a simple bolt on solution without butchering the board, either by just connecting to the output, or else disconnecting the existing filters, and feeding the new ones directly from the power amp. I see he also sells BPF modules. Does anyone have an opinion if these would work on TX for the band's where spurs are a problem??  It would be nice as I know many qrp tuners use the polyvaricon, and I don't see  where the trimmers should be much different at qrp, but again, I defer to others with more knowledge and experience.

Thanks and 73
Brent, VE3CUS

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