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Well, it was a kit.

We all knew it was a kit.   

I thought it might’ve been a better kit, but as it was, it taught me a ton about RF amplifiers,  about filters, about mixers, and about circuitboard RF design.   

I bet I’ve gotten $600 worth of education out of it.

That was way more than I was expecting when I bought it!   I added about $12 worth of circuit board, relays etc., and I’ve got a rig that will work 80/40/30/20 pretty good.  Next on the list is one of those fancy transistors that I bought when Allyson mentioned them.  I will change out Q 90 and see what kind of power I can get then.  Change an emitter capacitor and make it a little more flat.  At that point it may do everything I want out of it.  If not, I’ve got a bunch of 2N2222 A’s to work on the driver stage.   Put a wooden box around it, and call it done!   I’ve still put many less hours into it than I put into my Heathkit HW 16.   And in 1971 I think I paid just about the same number of dollars that I had to pay for this incredible little learning tool.   Adjusted for inflation, it’s like I stole it.

If they ever find out how much good it did people like me, I hope they are magnanimous enough not to send me the bill! 



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If it did come down to requiring a version-5 ubitx, I would hope there would be some discount to those of us who purchased version 3 or 4 with the understanding that it was a 80-10 meter transceiver, not just a legal 20-meter SSB transceiver with general coverage receive from 80-10 meters. I still hope a reasonable solution can be found to salvage the current generation of uBitx transceivers.


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Of course, the uBitx should be a clean and solid 80-10m 10W rig.
Unfortunately, v3 and v4 don't quite do that, and would require extensive mods to achieve it.
The high bands in particular are difficult.

Perhaps v5 will come closer to the ideal.


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Kees & Team:


I know my opinion may matter little since I am not an engineer but only a Ham for 44 years. I still have and use projects I built many decades ago. And when the sunspot cycle once again peaks, many of us who are now investing into perfecting our uBitx projects will regret if 15, 12, and 10 meters are not included in the final solution.  I want to encourage your team to think long-term and so strive for the most-excellent solution possible, that we all might be proud of our radios and enjoy them for many decades to come.  


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