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Jim Sheldon

One other thing on the Elecraft T1 autotuner.  I remember something that Wayne Burdick, N6KR (Elecraft founder and CEO) said about the T1.  During initial testing of it, he messed up and accidentally hit it with 100 watts for a brief period (It's spec'd for 20W CW max) and it survived.  Of course, this isn't recommended but it speaks well for Elecraft's product quality.  

I have one I use regularly in portable ops with rigs other than my KX2 and I built 2 from the kits for others who didn't want to attempt the very close soldering necessary to install the relays in it.  

I've had mine for over 5 years now and it runs just fine.  I had forgotten about N5IB's "bias tee" but that's a really good way to power it remotely.  You still have to use a separate remote cable and that must be well shielded, but you wouldn't have to be checking on the battery all the time.  

The T1 should handle a stock 10-20 watt uBITX with no problem and will match some pretty wierd antenna configurations on many bands.

Jim, W0EB

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I've built 3 of them and they remote very easily but you do have to use well shielded cables as any RF pickup tends to mess up the tuning.

Elecraft's software is NOT hackable and is proprietary, not open-source.  


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There is already a jack to remote control it.  See manual.


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T1 its the ideal pocket sized ATU
That's a cool Auto Tuner. Did not realize Elecraft made a reasonable cost Auto ATU. Wonder how hard it would be to hack it, so I could put in in a weather proof box at my antenna and remotely control it?

Tom, wb6b

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