Re: VK4PP uBitx LPF BANK add-on Board

Timothy Fidler

RE LPF Board 
above as example page.. I can't be  bothered with time of  doing a Cut and paste just to make up a picture of something you know about.. These Green headers must be available all over surely and the plugs to fit em.

If sending signals and power over from main board (using the decoding scheme) you might like to make sure you can
get 12V, zero rail and the three bit signals over on a green horizontal  5.08 pitch header  (this assumes 5V for the decoder generated on the PCB ).. then the user just makes up a cable that picks up all the points on the main board .. direct soldered, Cable  fixed in some way to main PCB and then just plugs into daughter board.   Saves people mixing voltages if they pull the boards apart and then reassemble them as such headers are polarised. .......

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