Re: Any Gerber Experts Round Here? #ubitx #kicad

Jerry Gaffke

Garbage in, garbage out.
And when fabbing PC boards, you really don't want garbage.
This world has way to many coffee mug coasters already. .

A local software tool such as Gerbv or GerbView will allow you to preview the files and see what's wrong.

You might also look over OshPark, they have a great front end for ordering boards.
They give a good rendering of exactly what the board will look like before you enter your credit card number and pull the trigger.
If you can get it to where the board passes their checks and looks right, you have a good chance of getting back a usable board.


On Thu, Aug 30, 2018 at 11:45 AM, Ben Holmes wrote:
You might find this amusing, but I already did this... and Fiverr responded with the following:

Unfortunately, your Gig request "Gerber Files... Convert RS-274D to..." did not pass our review.

It was misleading or unclear. Please explain, in a clear way, what service you need.

Repeating these violations can result in your account being restricted.

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