Re: Personal Best Distance, SSB Phone #ubitx


On 6M K9ppy and W4IMD using HB portable rig at 820mW. into the
4 element beam at 33ft.  

For HF:
For 5W using my Argonaut 505 on 40m the best was SV54rwu from W1 country.
For the Slopbucket 20, DL5ARH
These two using LNR EF-quad at 30ft.

For the KNQ7A (40M) VK3 foundation station while mobile (8ft centerloaded whip).
That radio does about 7-8W  at 13.8V.

For 10m during the last solar minimum all of South America, the carib islands,
Falklands and Antartica all using 4W SSB HB into one of two antennas the
PAR EF40/20/10  and the K6STI 10M loop with the top 20ft up.  That was
over a 5 month period.   I credit the K6STI 10M loop a 73" wide by 146" high
rectangle for the better part of all that as it was aimed to favor South America.
The par EF40/20/10 as set up then favored east west paths.

Antennas that are oriented in the desired direction and high enough to
be effective seem to make a difference.


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