Re: Keyer

Matthias Zwoch

Am 30.08.2018 um 02:37 schrieb @klimber:
I tried the suggestion someone mentioned (changing 10K for 8.2K) with same result (no change).
Then I found this diagram, as you can see, the Key  and Paddle have separate plugs and wiring, I will try this next...
I will let you know if it works.
You may connect a 10k lin potentiometer directly to the 4k7 resistor and the other end to GND. If you move slowly from 0k to 10k you should hear dits, dit-dahs and then dah.
(original VU2ESE software). You can measure (between GND and blue wire) at which voltage betweeen 4k7 and 10k the dits and dahs will occur and you may calculate the needed resistors. I did so and found 8k2 working for me.
A continuous tone for the straight key will not occur in VU2ESE 4.3 software. There is a menu point "Straight key" which must be activated before. (despite that a straight key could be recognized without any menu change at the analog port A6). If the 10k pot wont bring out dahs try a higher value.

73 Matthias, DD7NT

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