Raduino Fix

Howard Fidel

As some of you know, my Raduino died a few weeks ago. The Arduino Uno board failed, so I changed it. The new Arduino worked, but the SI5351 clock chip didn't. I found that the damaged SI5351 damaged the new Ardunio SCL and SDA outputs. I removed the SI5351 and again replaced the Arduino Uno (it is a good thing I bought 3). I then ordered the Adafruit SI5351 breakout board. I the board arrived last Monday, just when I left for a few days in New Mexico and Arizona. I got back last night, and today installed the Adafruit board. Now the Raduino is up and running. I have attached a marked up schematic just in case someone needs to to the same some day, as well as a picture. Although not indicated on the schematic, I also removed R13 and R14 from the Raduino. The Adafruit board it JP1 on the schematic.

I also started to work on the filter modifications. I did not get the expected result on 80 meters, and over the next few days, I will try to find out why. 


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