Re: Right-sided relay harmonic attempted fix for v3/4 ubitx

Gordon Gibby <ggibby@...>

8/27/2018.   Here are the baseline data.   Unmodified uBitx with RV1 roughly in the middle, 7Ahr battery, producing about 11.5 V under load.  RG8X to Micronta SWR/"pwr" meter RG8X to Heathkit Cantenna with 50 db tap (16K/50 ohms) then double shielded coax to a 20 dB BNC pad to my ICOM718 (shares transceiver).   Each signal tuned for maximum S-meter.   CW only mode tested.     S0 means I could hear it, but no reading on S meter
The S9+30dB reading today at fundamentals is slightly higher than the S9+25 previously seen -- room is warmer?  

Freq     Meas  Fundamental     2ndHar     3rdHarm      4thHarm    5thHarm      6thHarm    7thHarm
3.505    5W     S9+30 dB        S7.5           S8.5            S0             S8               S0             S8.5
7.005   2.5W   S9+30 db        S0              S8.5            S5.5*                                                           * = wavering signal level
9.995   1.5W   S9+30 db        S0              S9
14.005 1W      S9+30 db        S0

Now to build the "daughterboard" relay system.   My plan is to connect it first by the most simplest  of connections, with just "wires", reasonably neatly, and short, but not shielded and nothing fancy.   Then see whether/what improvement there is.


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