Re: Harmonics measured by Warren. How bad?

Howard Fidel

Unfortunately, my uBitx Raduino died,and i haven't had the time to fix it and test my circuits. I should get to it this week.However the simulations are clear, it will work. The fix though is to change the impedance to 25 ohms, of the filters, which allows the capacitor values to triple.That reduces the effect of the relay capacitance. The output transformer needs to be rewound, the filters changed, and a 1:2 transfomer added to get back to 50 ohms. That is the only artwork change, the transformer.

Quoting John KC9OJV <>:


Did you see Howard Fidel's suggestion that the filters could be recalculated to account for the added capacitance of the relays? Original post and comments here #56495 ( )
It's certainly an interesting idea- haven't heard of his theory yet being tested but even if not a complete solution it's another arrow in the quiver.


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