ubitx, TX flapping relay...

Adam Goler

Hello all,

Recently completed my ubitx and I'm testing it out on 40m. CW seems to work** (I added in the extra resistors to use an iambic paddle). However, I wired the mic up with the electret and switch that I received with the kit and when I key out the relay just continuously clicks on and off forever. Any ideas?

Some more details:
 - I'm using a homebuilt aluminum case, but the mic jack is dangling (I don't think this is the problem since the instructions require connecting the blue GND wire to the audio connector).
 - I tested the (CW) frequency accuracy using the spectrum analyzer function in an analog discovery 2 by coupling RF into a long wire attached to the analyzer, rather than direct input. There is some output in CW but nothing when I key the mic.
 - The mic electret is wired directly in series with the switch. Is the electret polarized? Do I need a current limiting resistor or something?

Thanks and 73,
Adam // KM6PHD

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