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Joe Milosch <zzmiloschxx@...>

On Sat, 25 Aug 2018 07:12:35 -0700
"terryhugheskirkcudbright via Groups.Io" <> wrote:

Hi, for me, and a few others, the KD8CEC sketch gets the CW straight keyer to work
as it is supposed to. The default sketch didn't work for cw.

Upon studying the CEC sketch there are too many
improvements for me to fully understand or mention.

From my first observations, the manual is better:

Plus you can use a useful tool called the Memory Manager
which allows you to make settings on the Raduino easily.
I use linux, and the Memory Manager also runs on it thru the
Mono .Net framework. See the above manual for instructions
on installing Memory Manager and Mono on linux.

All in all, if you can update your sketch, I say its worthwhile.


I tried to compile the kd8cec sketch on the ide and it came up with an error - arduino.h not found

where can i download this file

also what is the advantage of the kd8cec sketch over the ashaar farnum sketck

73 de terry gm4dso

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