Odd FT8 transmit behavior #ubitx-help

Mike KK7ER

We got wsjtx 1.9.1 installed on Linux and wanted to try FT8 on the uBITX (with CEC firmware 1.080).  Using the FT-817 setting, frequency selection and PTT work as expected.  Receive is fine but transmit is not quite right.  We monitor using a separate SSB receiver without an antenna.  When wsjtx puts the uBITX into transmit, we hear a very loud carrier tone and just above it (much softer) we can hear the transmitted FT8 signal).  I'm surprised to hear the carrier.  Another odd thing is that my wattmeter shows 0 watts while transmitting (not even a wiggle).  We get about 10W out when I key down on the straight key. 

Have any of you experienced uBITX/FT8 folks seen this before?  Thanks!

73 Mike KK7ER
(and son KI7ZZS)

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