Re: Intermodulation Performance


Iz oos,

Its rare that distortion is heard on frequency.

Is the guy 3khz up or down from you that would like to not hear you and you sputter and splatter.
So with the good radio listen to your audio then flip its sideband and listen for stuff likely unintelligable
and then move up or down and listen.  

Did this onece on 6M (deserted part of the band) to prove a point tto someone that 
felt it was great ausio even though he had the knobs set to 11 on the scale of 10.
My commercial 6M rig if I run the audio up the image on the SA gets wide yet no one
on frequency hears much other than, its louder.  If I add over driving the power amp
its the same!  However at the extreme tested on the air one time The band width
at 15db down was 60khz and yet the guy maybe 10 miles away was sounds great
and he even knows my voice from club meetings.

Good audio reports are very misleading about all the stuff their receiver is filtering out
but the other poor guy trying to share the band is not enjoying it.


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