Re: Intermodulation Performance

iz oos

Warren, you did quantitative tests that surprise me to a certain extent. Surely the uBitx is not an IC-7300. Even my SWL ears find the IC-7300 transmitted audio one of the best ever. But as I continously monitor my transmitted audio with an IQ SDR receiver I have not found the TX audio that terrible. Mine may sound tinny, the BFO is almost 1khz far from the passband but the opposite sideband seems to me quite well rejected. Does the audio sound distorted? Not really, reports were fine. I imagine that the IMD products may give more problems within the filter passband rather than outside. Maybe it would be worth to test the IMD with digital modes like PSK and see the reports by others.

Il 22/ago/2018 17:23, "Kees T" <windy10605@...> ha scritto:
> Hello Warren Allgyer,
> I want to thank you for all the effort you have put into the uBITX spur/harmonic problem definition and the excellent data presented. I realize your project is shelved ....but, would you be interested in trying out an 8 relay switched LPF board with 4 plug in LPFs using the parts off the uBITX board. You ran an experiment like that earlier with a perf. board. I have boards (75mm x 62mm) coming in soon and can supply the relays and misc parts (no charge).
> 73 Kees K5BCQ

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