Re: uBITX new build, quiet audio #ubitx


I have a current version of the BITX which I just finished assembling in the case.  It works after some debugging....replacing the code in the Arduino due to a cw fault per another discussion.  It is now working on ssb and cw although power output should be higher on 80 and 40 meters. BUT, I also feel the audio is too low.  I don't have a hum issue but at full volume I can hear stations but even with an amplified speaker it is just not up to snuff.  I saw Arv's suggestion for wiring an amplified speaker to the volume control and will try that to see if it helps. I am responding to this post as the cw issue seems to be  general fault and with two of us with recent bitx builds having audio issues I felt it would be good to get this on the radar in case it is a trend building.   Any other suggestions to remedy would be appreciated.  


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