Re: Intermodulation Performance

Warren Allgyer <allgyer@...>

I am finished. This is simply not worth the effort. The difference between this radio and my FT-817 is about $350. The difference between the uBitx and my HobbyPC RS-HFIQ is $100. Both are worth the increment in order to assure:

1) FCC/ITU compliant transmissions

2) Excellent IMD and in-band spurious response

3) Adequate audio output

4) AGC

5) ALC

Not to mention FM, 6m, 2m, 70 cm for the Yaesu.

I completely understand the attraction of making up your own box, modifying the code, and other customizations. But there is simply too much to be added to the basic uBitx as delivered in order to make it a compliant, user-friendly, neighbor-friendly rig. I maintain it is not possible to make compliant transmissions from this board without the knowledge and equipment to modify it for compliance and a properly equipped lab to set it up and monitor it.

My board is going on the shelf marked "Nice try....... not worth the effort", along with a complete set of filter relays, failed output filter attempts, octal to decimal decoders to drive the filters, 45 MHz SAW filters, and a stack of test data. It was fun. It is done.


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