Re: uBitX CW bandwith

Howard Fidel

Well, I bought the uBitx thinking of it as a learning platform, and a way to get involved again in a hobby I pretty much abandoned for 50 years. I expected it to be legal and useful, but not the same as a commercial product. As we now know, we all got less then that as far as legal is concerned, but it some ways more, in that we can learn more from it. As you know, I have been working (or at least attempting to work) on solutions for the problems, and I have never complained about that. There are lots of really serious issues to complain about these days, but uBitx isn't one of them. If you can't learn from it and enjoy it, put is in the closet, or sell it. Don't complain about it.


PS I didn't expect an answer, thanks for taking the time.

On 8/19/2018 12:44 PM, ajparent1/KB1GMX wrote:

It is rhetorical to a point and its also a chance to ask first hand. 

Hey you bought this and then...?

I know I'm probing human nature maybe but its of interest to my inner engineer
who asks how do we fix this?  As we first have to understand what the problem is.

Part of me says build a SSB only radio and sell it as such and watch the fur fly.
I bet a penny the first is can it do CW and the second is can it do FT8.

I say that as I've already seen how to I do hook up PSK31 with a Rockmite!


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