#bitx40 Article of BITX40 on CQ ham radio magazine of Japan #bitx40


Hi!  FYI

I have successfully obtained the technical certification of BITX40 by having added
the modification to suppress of spurious of BITX40 from the relevant authority of
telecommunication of Japan.

I was requested from CQ ham radio magazine of Japan to write article of experience
of BITX40.

CQ ham radio magazine of QEX version including my article of BITX40 has been
published on 19th. Aug.

My article includes,
  The outline of TX and RX circuits of BITX40.
  The result of measurement of spurious of BITX40.
  Hardware modification to suppress of the spurious.
  Introducing the extension of function of BITX40 provided by PE1NWL
  Introducing the definition of source code for limitation TX frequency for Region 3 by PE1NWL

       Cover Page of the magazine

                      My Article 1st and 2nd pages.
                             Outline of Bitx40

                My Article 5th and 6th pages
    Hardware modification to suppress the spurious

Thank you PE1NWL, Allard-san!

73! Akira JJ1EPE

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