Re: Modular uBitx - "Ex: Harmonics"

Gordon Gibby <ggibby@...>

Regarding my external relays idea :  The Chinese boards arrived, and I believe the digikey parts also.... then I had to go to the emergency room with incredible abdominal pain that turned out to be gallbladder stone induced pancreatitis.   I’m still in the hospital,  much better, now to have the gallbladder out Monday.    

Then maybe I can get back to this and many other projects.  Group Builds of uBitx’s  at my house today had to be canceled of course.   Getting old is tough but the alternative is less desirable 



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I have a laptop using a Rpi3b and a 10inch screen (not touch) with a real
keyboard and mouse with a steampunk sorta look.  With a stereo usb
dongle IT runs Fldigi, gsdr and a few other useful things like Xlog under
Raspian (linux).  Noise has not been an issue.  Its mostly all wood so
its not shielded.  Power drain is pretty low with the display backlight down.

The asus Tinker board is faster and uses more power, heck 1.8GHZ,
2gb ram and all that. No Noticeable noise

Android tablets work, the smaller ones with quad cores are ok for this too
and it could be the whole front panel for a radio at cheap prices.  I have
two for that. 


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