Re: Raduino Clone kit from W0EB-N5IB #ubitx

Jim Sheldon

I can't truthfully answer that.  It was designed after the uBITX Raduino and plugs into the 16 pin Raduino socket on the uBITX just like the factory's Raduino for the uBITX. You'd be on your own trying to adapt it for the BITX40.  Not sure if the BITX40 software would work on it either.


On Aug 17, 2018, at 8:55 AM, V Zecchinelli <n1vin@...> wrote:

Hey Jim,

Will this PCB also work with BitX40?


Vince, N1VIN

On 8/17/2018 9:50 AM, Jim Sheldon wrote:
The new Raduino Clone boards arrived Wednesday.  Kits are back in stock and available for order

$6 post paid in the US for the bare board, $8 (USD) postpaid for international orders.
$25 postpaid for a complete kit including a pre programmed Arduino NANO loaded with the factory version 4.3 code from Github.  International orders $40 (USD) shipped as international postage is $14.50 for the kit.
$35 postpaid in the US for the complete kit as above but with the Si5351 Clock Chip already soldered in place and continuity checked for good connections and no shorts between pins. $50 (USD) shipped internationally

Further details and contact/ordering information can be found on

Jim, W0EB

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