Spurious Emission Measurement on stock uBitX


Hi, all.

Attached is a PDF file which shows the results of measuing spurious emission on my uBitX which I haven't modified its hardware/software at all.

Here, in Japan, the spurious emission should be less than -50dBc and so the list indicates I can use my uBitX with a Pi-C antenna tuner, but not on 15m unfortunately.

This time, I checked only the CW transmission beccause I had a problem to measure SSB case. It would be very much appreciated if someone could advise to me.

To measure the spurious emission on SSB, at first I need to saturate the PA output by the mic input of so called "pseudo voice" that is 1.5kHz sine wave, and when the output is saturated by increasing the input leve, then 80% of the input level will be used to measuer spurious emission, the Lab guy explained to me.

However, uBitX output won't be saturated which means I couldn't observe the flat level of PA output as increasing the input (pseudo voice) level, but suddenly the output level falls down to a few mW.

The Lab guy said it would be because uBitX didn't have an ALC - Auto Level Controller of the mic input.

So please advise to me how I can saturate the output (PA) level with such a "pseudo voice" input? Maybe bring an external mic compressor? However, how can I observe the flat level of PA output?

Thank you for reading my long email. Hope someone can help me. If you are interested in screen shots of the spurious analyzer, feel free to email me.


// hiro, JJ1FXF

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