Re: Help with AGC kit wiring

Ralph Mowery

Make sure you have not switched the power connection and the ground on the board.  Seems to me that when I was hooking mine up the markings on the AVC board were not what I was expecting. Caught that and it works fine.

On Fri, Aug 17, 2018 at 2:22 AM, Kai Nilakari <kai.nilakari@...> wrote:
I assembled the SMD kit by Kees. However it does not work at all. The silk screen print on the component side shows 1 uF tantalum capacitors wrong way around.

After my mistake I replaced them but something is loading the 5V supply lm7805 down and the transceiver starts screaming even with no audio connected yet.
After some measurements I found out that left most pin carries 4.8 volts and the RF board shorts it to ground.

Should I add a 100 nF capacitor in series to the 
left most pin to prevent the short? 
I was lucky, nothing blew up but I think I'll make the scratch & solder version rather than struggling with the stamp-sized SMD kit.


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