Re: Arduino Hangs

Howard Fidel

Yes. I cut the 3.3V pin from the Nano to the PCB and the voltage went down to 3.5, which is a little high but OK. The 3.3V from the Nano is not used anywhere on the Nano, it comes out of the USB chip and goes to the connector, nothing else. I suspect that at $3 each, not much testing is done on those Nano boards, although you would think that a high volume product would use a simple bed of nails tester to check all the I/O etc.
I liked the Adafruit board because it has 5v to 3.3V level translators and its own 3.3V supply. It was mailed to me today, so I should have it tomorrow or Saturday since Adafruit is about 20 miles from my QTH. Plus it is a pain to solder those tiny chips.

Thanks for all the help.


On 8/16/2018 1:54 PM, John wrote:

Good test with the 2nd nano. 

Since the si chip gets its 3.3v supply from the nano, did you check that the si chip had the proper supply voltage, just to make sure?

73, John

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