Re: Please advise

Howard Fidel

The jury is out on the harmonic and spur fixes.
I have the parts for my power improvement mod if you want them.
I suggest assembling the uBitx as is and trying it out before doing any mods.


On 8/16/2018 12:27 PM, mitchellmichaelh@... wrote:
I have a new V4 ubitx and have purchased a larger display, new arduino for it and will purchase the vfo board.
Is there a place that list required and suggested mods. I am especially concerned about the harmonic problems and the leveling power output.
I if its still necessary be adding agc and microphone compression. Also I have a requirement to lower power when tuning a switch or button will be great.

The problem I have is there are so many posts from different authors that its very confusing.Especially which software etc.

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