Re: Modular uBitx - "Ex: Harmonics"

Tom, wb6b

I think a modular transceiver, SDR or analog, is a great idea, and I'm seeing some links to transceivers that look very interesting. But, I think trying to convert the uBITX transceiver to something completely different may not be necessary. The uBITX hits a sweet spot, because it is not overly complicated and has the cost benefit of being just one board. For us hackers it provides a low cost radio component we can slice, dice, hacksaw, mod and accessorize anyway we wish.

The folks with the Ham Radio hacker sprit, that are slicing and dicing their radios, are helping to lead the way to another cost effective uBITX for the next round of experimentation.  And, of course, use as is.

As technology advances, the point where it makes more sense to have a single replaceable component travels towards a singe replaceable component.

I'm sure at one time a company having 64GB of storage in their computing environment justified having a whole department of managers and specialist to manage the memory, make budget predictions, determine upgrade paths.  And to, of course, become the department that had the power to be the authority to control who had access to this valuable asset.

Now 64GB of storage can come in a package shaped like Garfield the Cat. Nobody is worried about modularizing it, and nobody feels much pain if it is just tossed (recycled) if it fails. 

At some point, and the uBITX is getting close, just thinking of the whole transceiver as a replaceable component makes sense. But, that doesn't stop all of us that do like to hack on it, from doing so and making something better. Or treating the uBITX as just a component in a bigger system we are building.

Tom, wb6b

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