Re: Arduino Hangs

Howard Fidel

I'm not getting how this Raduino is working. My issue is this. The Arduino runs on 5V. When programmed as an output for I2C A4 and A5 drive up to 5 volts. I am seeing 4.6 volts. The SI5351 is supposed to run on 3.3V. So we are over driving the SDA and SCL inputs by trying to pull them above the 3.3 volts supply. In fact, the 3.3 V supply is pulled up through the IC inputs to 4.4 volts. The SI5351A isn't happy about this. This seems like a design problem, unless the SDA and SCL lines are supposed to be driven as open collector and the pull ups define the high level. This doesn't seem to be happening either.


On 8/15/2018 8:05 PM, John wrote:
And "Hoeard" = "Howard"

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