Re: Modular uBitx - "Ex: Harmonics"

Tom, wb6b

I agree, we don't want to see anything happen that would kill off Farhan's business and the incomes for the people it helps support. 

It may be that the uBITX has become somewhat of a victim of its own success. Bringing in many folks more expecting the first generation of the uBITX to be perfected, rather than a experimenters/hackers radio to transform, improve and modify.  

When I look over the message board I see 14 years of history for the BITX transceivers. I've gathered from some messages the BITX40/20 of today is much improved over the original design. Did this happen because Farhan went back to his corporate research lab and demanded they improve the design of the transceiver and develop advance proprietary manufacturing technology to produce millions of these at low unit costs? 

These improvements came not from a highly funded corporate lab, but from the Ham Radio operators that embraced the transceivers and worked enthusiastically to make it better. With a radio that's design is accessible, open source and made from parts that are available off the shelf.

The cost of the uBITX is low enough that when Farhan and the many folks that are on the front line, doing the improvements of the uBITX, efforts come together in a new improved board from Farhen, buy another one. Use your current uBITX as a second receiver or do a few mods to use to a a second transceiver on one or two bands; for example. The cost of the uBITX is less than components people upgrade and replace without feeling it is a big issue in many other situations.

The money you will spend to upgrade to a newer uBITX board will be less than many are spending to buy the items they are buying to upgrade their current uBITX transceivers. Not much different from when people would regularly buy a new motherboard for their computer because technology improved.

So, at least for the next generation of the uBITX, it should be able to bolt into the cases people have already build for their radios. 

Tom, wb6b

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