Re: Modular uBitx - "Ex: Harmonics"

Jack, W8TEE


I think this makes a lot of sense, but I'd want Farhan to be involved so we don't kill of HF Signals important business in India. I do know it would keep costs down a bunch is the boards are a maximum of 100mm x 100mm, as that's the price bump point for a lot of PCB houses. I can't say much about the hardware, but I would suggest additional horsepower for the software. The Nano has relatively few I/O pins, is fairly slow, and has very limited memory resources. The Protoneer is 3x as fast and has 4x the SRAM, which is a primary bottleneck. The Blue Pill is another alternative. I would, however, strongly urge that the controller be capable of using the Arduino IDE for code development. More pins would enable more experimenting, too, probably to everyone's benefit.

I would also argue for an I2C or SPI display interface, simply because we're seeing the Nextion, Jim Sheldon's display, the JackAl board by AC8GY and myself, and probably others extending the basic display. Those interfaces also reduce the pins necessary for the interface compared to some LCD displays.

I would be happy to help with the software end of things, and I will be releasing JackAl to Open Source when it's ready. This could really be interesting!!

Jack, W8TEE

On Tuesday, August 14, 2018, 8:37:48 PM EDT, Nick VK4PP <nickpullen@...> wrote:

Hi Allison/ Kees/ Glenn/ other technical competent hams...

Would you consider working on a uBitx v2 so to speak, advice, criticisms and such?
Tweaking the current design as much as possible to perform better, address the major issues (spurs + harmonics)? 
Better components (2n2222a) ect,
Extra driver stage?
LPF layout..
proper BPF using QRP Labs Modules..

I would like to make it very modular, so its easy to fix/upgrade a section.
I will make some boards, happy to send to you for testing and evaluation at no cost.
Also smaller boars fit in a DL envelope (110x220mm) for DX shipping at $3.50. so that kind of defines the foot print.
Would be cool, 4 boards each about 105x105mm Stacking on one another.
Nano socketed on one board, SI5153 integrated, either SMT or Adafruit module ($$$ vs convenience)

I am not aiming to build a cheap copy, just an upgraded uBitx that you can assemble your self if you don't mind spending a bit more.

I want to enjoy the process and the radio, learn stuff along the way, contribute to the community.
As soon as this is no longer happening, there is no point in carrying on for me.

What are your thoughts people?

Cheers & 73.
Nick VK4PP 

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