New version of TFT Touchscreen based VFO-BFO for uBitx

SP Bhatnagar

Dear All uBitxers,

A new version of software for low cost mcufriend TFT with Touchscreen based VFO + BFOs is out now along with an illustrated manual. This version (3.1cU) provides a row at the bottom to set / adjust both BFOs, PTT type selection (Toggle or Normal) , auto Time out duration setting , individual Offsets for each band, Touch Sensitivity, Lower and Upper limits for displays of S-meter and Power meter. Of course it continues to provide 3 VFOs (A/ B and Memory -100 channels), Direct Band selection, LSB/USB setting, Setting the frequency change step size from 1 Hz to 1 MHz, exchange of frequency between VFO and Memory, Saving all parameters on Demand , Split frequency operation, auto band Up /Down scanning and CAT control.

This system uses standard Arduino Mega board with compatible MCUFriend type TFT / Touch shield and either a standard Si5351 breakout board or one designed specifically for it which replaces Raduino board. This combination makes it very simple to assemble in a short time. Please note that this is only for experimenters who have some practical experience with Arduino and a bit of Hardware and keen to learn. There is no ready-made Kit as of now and all information is already available on our blog "" and on Github "" . If there is someone willing to kit it for Ham friends I will be too happy to help.

Wishing you a great homebrewing experience,

SP Bhatnagar

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