Re: Harmonics

Hans Summers

Hi Kees,

The QRP Labs LPF is 1.5 x 0.5 inches. The distance between the sets of headers is 1.3 inches. 

The height of the populated board is 1.6mm (FR4 PCB) plus the T37 core (0.37 inches nominally) plus the thickness of the wire (0.3mm which is AWG28). So a height of just under 0.5 inches. 

In the QRP Labs board system everything is modular. If you plug the LPFs into the relay board then the relay sits under the LPF and the LPF kit is higher up ch y the height of the pin header plus socket. Another 0.5 inches. We use 25mm hex spacers to mount the next module in the "stack". So the whole thing sitting on the pin header boards and with LPF kits plugged in, fits in 25mm (1 inch) height.

I don't in general do the PCBs unpopulated, only as part of kits. But I always have stuff lying around so try to satisfy any requests where possible, so if it's only a board or two then I could probably do it, yes... but not en masse.

73 Hans G0UPL

> What are the dimensions of one of the QRP Labs LPF boards (distance between the 2 sets of 4 pin headers and overall width/length and height with components of the board and if you offer unpopulated LPF boards. 

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