Re: Harmonics

Howard Fidel

On the letter of the law. Since the uBitx is a kit, you are responsible to assemble it in a fashion that meets the law. If adding the filters does the trick, then it is perfectly legal. It would be illegal if a finished product was sold out of compliance, and you had to add an external part that the manufacturer did not tell you to add, then it would not be in compliance. There are literally thousands of products that have external fixes for EMI built this way. That is why you find ferrites on USB and HDMI cables, for example.


On 8/11/2018 10:07 AM, gary@... wrote:
I stand with a foot in each camp and am fortunate that I have several radios at my disposal, the uBitx stands idle as I watch the discussion.  I have an on going project constructing band pass filters for activities such as Field Day where we have multiple stations on different bands but in close proximity.  The filters are from the well known "Ugly Filter Project" and seem to work quite well.  In line with the uBitx they are quite inexpensive, don't require a great deal of equipment or test gear to construct and work well for the intent of their use.  A question for those knowledgeable and experienced enough to answer.  While not the compact portable and automatic system of the radio itself, would a manually inserted filter from this project suffice to insure a clean presence on the bands?  While in the letter of the law it would not serve as it seems the law addresses the explicit piece of equipment itself not the installation with outside accessories, it could at least afford a cost effective and attainable answer for most Hams to achieve the intent.

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