Re: Harmonics

Hans Summers

Hi Richard

> I have been waiting for over a month now for an order 
> from QRP labs.  All shipments come from Turkey.  
> Great products but shipping time is not so good.

I saw your email and I answered it just now. It does look like that order might be lost in the post. A month is much slower than usual. So I will send you a replacement on Monday when the post office is next open. 

General note re. QRP Labs shipments. The earlier backlog due to the high popularity of the QCX CW transceiver kit was cleared. We are currently awaiting stock of 200 more QCX aluminium enclosures from the manufacturer in Germany. But all other orders (not containing the QCX aluminium enclosure) are being shipped out within 1 business day of order placement. We are using post office airmail shipment, registered, with tracking. Generally we are finding it reliable and in some cases, faster than the former shipments from Japan. 

73 Hans G0UPL

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