Re: 2 ten ohm resisters and button Mic element

Ian Reeve

Please be mindful that there are resistor codes with three bands plus a forth for tolerance and four band plus a fifth for tolerance.I always measure them now to check and it is not unusual either to find one wrongly marked or indeed open circuit.Takes a few seconds to check each resistor,well worth the time .

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Subject: Re: [BITX20] 2 ten ohm resisters and button Mic element
I did not check my resistors out,just going by what I had read for the values.  Now that Howard sent that chart , it makes sense. they are using an extra band or standard.  I would not have thought of that either.  Been building and repairing things on a hobby scale for around 50 years.  But mostly US parts.  Just never ran across resistors like that either. Or if I had, never looked at the color code.

I just verified mine and they are a nominal 10,000 ohms with colors like yours.  I did put one under my microscope I use for SMD work and looks to be brown, black, black ,red, gold.

73 de ku4pt

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Thanks Ralph was pretty sure about the mike and button switch. The resistors are brown brown black brown colour code.  Unless I am mistaken that's ten ohms.  Much appreciate the prompt assistance.

cheers Jeff

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