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Jack, W8TEE


I think there are two camps here: 1) those who feel that they cannot, in good conscience, operate any equipment that they know does not meet their ruling governance body (e.g., FCC), and 2) those who feel strongly that things are okay as long as I don't generate externalities that degrade or impair someone else's communications in any part of the spectrum. Al and I did a test on a stock µBITX and learned two things: 1) our $3600 commercial transceiver used for comparison was never "better" by more than 4dB on any band, and 2) the harmonics from the µBITX were so far below the noise level on all bands that it was undetectable.

Our tests, admittedly not as stringent as others, places me firmly in Camp 2 above. To me, its the Mathematician/Economist Problem (I'm an economist by training). Take a nude couple, place them in a room, and every 5 seconds, reduced the distance between them by 50%. To the mathematician, nothing ever happens. To the economist, game over in less than a few minutes. Camp 1 is the mathematician, Camp2 is the economist.

How could I choose anything other than Camp 2?

Jack, W8TEE

On Friday, August 10, 2018, 8:16:58 AM EDT, RCC WB5YYM <curtis03@...> wrote:

I too was wondering the same thing. I would think if you are using a resonant mono-band antenna, or using a tuner to tune the antenna that the harmonics measure at the output would have an even less chance of being radiated. With the ubitx being low power anyway, I suspect the radiated harmonic would be extremely minute, maybe in the low 1000ths of a watt. There has got to be some math out there some where to calculate this. 

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