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Mike : 

I whole heartedly agree with your statements  !  
It think it is far too early for people to be panicking about this uBITX spectral emission thing.
I suggest that folks should be thinking about how not to make the problems any worse than they are. 

As previously mentioned, not overdriving the mic preamp with additional mic amplification will help with the SSB spurs on the higher bands. 
It is also worth saying that it would be unwise to use the uBITX in its current state to drive a 100+ watt amplifier, especially a very cheap one with poor LP filtering as that will simply magnify the problems. 

Another thought is that since this is a almost-QRP radio there are a few high-Q tuner options available that when used with a 
suitable multiband antenna could help to reduce out of band emissions (both QRP Guys and Pacific Antennas sell Z-match antenna tuner
kits that might be suitable). 

RF design and especially board layouts are very tricky business and it is not uncommon to have unforeseen problems.
This happens even with expensive multi-thousand dollar commercial rigs. 

As the Rev George Dobbs (G3RJV) is fond of saying "An Electronic Circuit will do what it must".  Sometimes getting it do what 
we want it too takes a little additional effort. 


Michael VE3WMB 

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