Re: Low Receive Audio

Jerry Gaffke

I assume you are checking for power out in CW mode.
Does the transmitter work in SSB mode?
That would prove out the modulator/demodulator, the 12mhz crystal fllter, and the 45mhz crystal filter.
None of those are involved when transmitting CW.

On Tue, Aug 7, 2018 at 07:57 PM, Terence Taylor wrote:
Just finished wiring up my V.4 kit from Farhan. I have the EXTREMELY low receive issue. I have rated power output on transmit and very loud CW sidetone audio. What RX audio that I can hear (from a local broadcast station) is quite clear and understandable. Anyone have any thoughts/guidance?

I have tried the calibration and BFO setting and neither one seems to do any good. I have loaded the CEC firmware, but this was present before that.

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