Re: Harmonic performance - SSB vs CW


I've used that many times.  In the 'EBY am p thats the filter selector and never had issues.
I've even gone back recently and retested as a verify and its good.

One thing keep the current under .3A for good lifetime if hot switching 
for static more is tolerated for SSB or CW use.  The .3A at 50 ohms
is 15W but it does seem to tolerate 55W without issues.
Two very low cost switches I've used.  
  • Manufacturer: Jameco Valuepro
  • Manufacturer no.: G3SR022-R
  • 2x6poistion make before break $1.95

  • Part no.: 576421     6 position 2.5A  $6.95
  • Manufacturer: C&K
  • Manufacturer no.: A20615RNZQ
I've used that exact part for a number of projects, seems to have endured hammerfisted users well.


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