uBITX portable build #ubitx

Daniel Conklin <danconklin2@...>

I have been fascinated with the popular paratrooper style transceiver kits.  When I saw the K7XPO build in the small Apache case it got my creative juices flowing.  I cut a piece of aluminum and formed it to hold the uBITX mainboard upside down in the case and at a slight angle.  There were a few logistical issues, but I managed to make it work. The center knob is currently RF attenuation and will hook up to the AGC miniboard once I get it finished.  The red momentary switch next to the middle plug on the right is a tune/spot switch.  The others will be function switches once I figure out the problem I'm having with pull-up resistors.  It's mounted by four small bolts and lock washers and nuts and sits in the box very solidly. The spaces on each side accommodate a 18650 battery pack and the microphone with the lid closed. I've already made some contacts with it, but I still have a couple of mods I want to complete, so It will be coming out of the box again for those soon.
73, Dan - W2DLC

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