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Bill Cromwell

Hi Walt,

I still believe the problems can and will be overcome. There should be a flurry of activity while all the Bitx machines get updated with the fixes. I am sure it won't be as simple as a patch made of old chewing gum and a rubber band but it won't be like giving up an arm and a leg, either. I could be wrong. I was wrong once. I thought I had made a mistake but I hadn't <evil grin>.

There ARE some things to say about people who 'buy a Rigol' and concluding their findings must be accurate. Some can use them and some can't. This is really not the place to be parading credentials. There are people who can get the results with or without a 'Rigol' and others who can't even if they are shown a screen print. Spending time on that won't really resolve anything and will just create hard feelings. We need everybody aboard to get this radio on course. We can be sure there are issues. Debates about who said what and when they said it will not correct the problems. Only create more problems and maybe doom the radio to the landfill.

I won't be putting mine on the air until I have some sturdy filters on the output muzzling the spew. I am expecting an eventual, practical resolution to the problems:) This how 'open source' works :)


Bill KU8H

On 08/07/2018 12:29 AM, WaltR wrote:
Hello Bill,

Its very unfortunate that a well intended kit that was assembled with
questionable quality parts, circuit and several other anomalies beyond
my comprehension, is in its present quandary. The principals it appears,
had good intentions and are to be commended for that. However, they have
no authority in North America. In fact the Border agencies of both our
countries are probably raising their eyebrows over the entire fiasco,
If not they soon will be. As I said earlier in my position As XO on
board ship I can’t afford to run afoul of the authorities so my bitx 40
and ubitx have been destroyed. Sad really, I will be looking at the kits
from QRP LABS. Or maybe I should purchase a good used FT817.
As an aside I had SIGINT techs look at the harmonic signature on the
Harris, Wolfsburg and Bendix King gear and found them to exceed
requirements by 30%, but of course again I’m comparing caviar to
peanuts. My wife chastises me for my attitude ergo I’m at sea for 6
months of the year. I’m trying to do better hi hi. It’s no wonder I’m
not allowed in the house before dark.

The sheer number of builders, the responses in this group, would suggest
that there is a strong need for a simple affordable all band QRP rig,
that is a fact, It will be interesting to see what happens in the next

In the research I have done there are some kits available from China,
Russia and also Malaysia , they may be more in cost but perhaps ???

On a final observation you can buy all kinds of brands of test gear but
there are only certain brands that are deemed to be certification
instruments when operated by a certified knowledgeable technician, just
because you go out and buy a Rigol
doesnt mean that now you are instantly an industry expert.

Early day tomorrow, anchors aweigh at 0400

cheers and 73
bark less - wag more

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