Re: reverse polarity protection (


Unfortunately, I did not make it clear about the DC power source fusing on the early wire-up version I gave Patrick for his stock Wiki. My assumption was that DC power source fusing would be ahead of the uBitx power jack and the reverse polarity protector. 

The fast blow fuses shown on the wire-up diagram were me being overly cautious about the possibility of excessive current draw, mostly from the PA and had nothing to do with reverse polarity.  In addition to the DC power source fusing I use Anderson Power Poles to insure the correct DC polarity. MVS Sarma fusing/reverse polarity is a better approach than what is recommended by HF Signals. Keep in mind a silicon diode is just a starting point for reverse polarity protection. 

Anyone acquiring, wiring, and using one of Farhan's great low cost radios should realize they are meant for experimenters and tinkers.

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