Re: End Fed antennas w/ uBITX #ubitx

Timothy Fidler

iz oos.. re getting cores etc at a reas price 
 an inspiration that might benefit me as I get to find out of this Indian is reliable.

First go to and see if that balun core is interesting to you. then  find Sunil who sells the Ubitx cases on this site  and get the proper email address for this Ganevashan or whatever he is called. Now the price he is asking converts to $21 USD. which is not a bad price if you had to go and order all the bits separately from all over  . Make sure you get the NON inline one which I would guess would be useless to you. Then see if he will sell you  spare core for research .   I would say you would get the whole lot landed in Italia  for $35 USD or so.  Then you can unsolder and retain the current Balun and do all your experiments with the extra core.  You have to get  a working email addr from Sunil because this coot does not answer to the one on the blogspot site.   if it all works I am most interested as I do have some cores but getting a ready to go core in box with fittings at this price  also sounds good.. if you get service from this coot  is of great interest to me. (It could  be everyone in India in RF knows his real email address  but it is all a bit rum to me.)  TEF 

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