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Mike Woods


I will add PH2LB's reverse voltage protection solution to that page at your suggestion.  I hadn't noticed that idea previously, but did recognise the distinctive build so I guess it is on somewhere.

I am not sure about the diagram from MVS Sarma.  Let's wait and see whether he responds?   He may care to redraw the diagram if he agrees!  Everybody seems to draw those sockets differently ...



On 7/08/18 2:58 AM, Jonathan Washington wrote:
Hi there,

In wiring my µBITX based on the guides and notes available at,, this group's wiki, and the like, I noticed a discrepancy related to reverse polarity protection.

I believe the diagram with included fuse by MVS Sarma at has the jack wired in reverse (- tip, + sleeve) of the standard (+ tip, - sleeve).  I suppose wiring it this way could be a good way to test if the fuse will do its job!

I should note that this solution seems preferable to the solution(s) provided in W4RJP's wire-up diagram (v1.9) posted at , where it looks like the fuse and the diode would both blow in the case of reverse voltage, and the reverse voltage would still flow through the µBITX.  In MVS Sarma's solution, my understanding is that only the fuse would blow, and the µBITX wouldn't be exposed to any reverse voltage.

Also, I wonder if Mike might consider adding to the reverse polarity page PH2LB's reverse polarity protection solution from here:

I haven't tried it yet, but it seems ridiculously simple, and reasonably effective.  I'd probably still want to add a fuse with that solution, though, to protect against accidental shorts.

Jonathan, KD5CFX

Mike Woods

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