Re: ND6T AGC and Click kit wiring notes

Timothy Fidler

Eddie E Lucky day with the socket  the TDA7052 is your friend AGC is built in . I believe  may still sell it if so it will be just pennies and F does not have any MOQ as far as I know. Never buy just one. Perhaps Leon as per below might do you a deal on two chips (but if he has inventory problems he won't . Don't muck him around. I need him.). May not be pin compat (you work it out ). well you can use a machined pin IC socket to bring out the existing socket to a piece of Veroboard and wing it.  Now look up  Find your way to the MST 3 schema via the documents section.   Look at audio section of the schematic . AGC Is is all there. Leon in NSWales . He is owner of Ozqrp has been doing AGC as std on his monobanders for  6 years and he only lives at the bottom of the world !!! .

Notice the L08 reggy driving the TDA... that is because Leon is a Pro. and checks this stuff out.  he has an interesting reversed voltage protection on his PCB too.  No fuse , no crowbar and essentially no voltage drop. 

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