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Without adding other relays like omron g5 g6 and alike, maybe some might prefer just connect the outputs of the four filters to separate antenna outputs, one for each filter. Isn't more simple? Would it solve the harmonics issue?

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That is excellent Glenn, I never ceased to be amazed by this group.


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More to see if it's possible rather than anything else, I was working on a PCB that would fit in same space as the original LPF area, but switching on both ends of each filter. (ie 3 more relays)  I didn't alter the actual switching sequence just added the extra relays controlled in the same manner as the original ones. Picture is of the PCB. No switching transistors are on the PCB, yet.  You can see space either side though.

This is not all routed as you can see, just the RF paths in and out of the relays. (The inductors are shown with 4 holes, just because i  had that part in my LIB.) Orientations may change.

glenn vk3pe

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